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“I just bought a new house and I want to extend my garage. I want it modern and spacious so I chose VG iR-uPVC Vinyl SNOW ROOF as it looks stunning with no additional ceiling installation needed, plus it is surprisingly quiet. VG Extra team gave me their advice and ended up with the design I like. They supervised and gave me advice from start to finish. More than that, the roof also comes with a 10-year warranty.”

– PAIR CHUTIMA, ther owner of Order Beauty


“I got VG service with requirements that my garage would be impressive, top-quality, and effective. I chose VG iR-uPVC SNOW ROOF because of its design, cooling system, and noise insulation. Their product quality meets all my needs and I was impressed with the service of VG Extra. Also, they gave me great advice from start to finish as one-stop service.”

– MOOKY, our user